About the Program

Money Smart 101 is a financial wellness program aimed at empowering K-12 students with basic money management skills to achieve future financial independence. Workshops are presented in a large group or assembly format, providing information in a fun and interactive way to leave a lasting impact on students.

The presentation provides a wealth of straight-forward, practical, and simple advice for managing money. The workbook is a keepsake for students that explains more of what was discussed throughout the presentation, and can also be read independently. Students can review on their own or with their parents or guardians. Students are encouraged to start a dialogue about money management in their households. The completion of a mock budget is a valuable exercise in the workbook, along with writing down ones goals. Topics covered in the presentation and workbook include:

  • Importance of Money Management
  • Credit and Debt
  • Smart Shopping Habits
  • Cyber Security
  • Entrepreneurship & Your Dreams
  • Answers to your Questions
  • The Power of Saving & Investing
  • How Banks Work and,
  • Important terms
  • Getting a Job and,
  • Preparing for a Career & College
  • The Value of Giving Back
  • Goal Setting

OpportunityWe know how quickly opinions and negative feelings towards money can be formed, so we try to instill values early in life. Many adults and parents struggle with financial management, and unfortunately their children often follow their example. Considering how important money is to our lives, its crazy how little time we spend learning about it. Money can cause lots of stress, or it can also provide opportunities, depending on how efficiently you manage it. It’s not how much you make, but what you do with it that counts!

Presentations are approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, and can be customized to the audience’s needs, interests, size, time, and budget.

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