Dream Big Day comes to Philly!

Money Smart 101 is excited to bring Dream Big Day to The Free Library of Philadelphia on May 13th, and to Bache-Martin School, part of the School District of Philadelphia, on May 15th. The purpose of the Dream Big program is to: inspire and empower kids to dream big and in the process build their confidence and esteem; teach kids money and reading habits early to become self-reliant; catalyze discussions on the importance of college and being life-long learners; and make it easy and fun for anyone to participate in the experience.

“Dream Big Day is a valuable opportunity to teach young students critical skills that will help them throughout life,” says Leslie Girone, founder of Money Smart 101. “The program and Sammy Rabbit character appeal to young kids in an engaging and relatable way. The songs are very catchy and clearly instills important values about managing money.”

It’s a Habit Company, Inc., creators of Sammy Rabbit, provide resources to make the learning process simple and rewarding for all. The group’s vision and purpose are to empower children and families globally for generations. Its strategy is to educate kids early in an entertaining and interactive manner on critical habits and life skills, starting with money and reading habits. The Dream Big Day program is easy to implement for any school or group of children age 5 and up. Visit www.dreambigday.net to learn more.