My Big Dream

I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Sam X Renick of Dream Big Day to become a Dream Big Day Reader Leader. In this program leaders bring strategic lessons to kindergarten through 3rd grade students through story, song, and activities. The experience starts with the Leader reading the book Sammy’s Big Dream. Students actively listen and have the opportunity to predict the chapter titles throughout the story. Sammy Rabbit, the story’s main character, must work hard and save his money to join his classmates on a field trip to ride the first rollercoaster in space.  At the Leader’s option, the reading can be followed by a discussion, song, and activities on dreams, goals, and great money habits.

Sammy Rabbit brings financial education to life. He is the adorable, infectious, and ethical character who brings and makes the strategic money lessons relatable to students. The story and his big dream are inspiring. The accompanying songs are clever and catchy. They appeal to young children, yet anyone can appreciate and enjoy each topic-specific song. Listen to one of my favorites Anyone Can Be Rich.

I’ve researched countless financial education resources and the It’s a Habit Company (founded by Sam X Renick, creator of Sammy Rabbit and Dream Big Day Experience) is the most exceptional. All content is extremely engaging, fun, and purposeful. Dream Big Day is easy to execute anywhere, by anyone with an interest in teaching children good money and reading habits. I can say from experience it’s very rewarding for both the students and educator. The instructions and activities are straightforward and are simple to adjust or customize to best fit any group of young children.

I can’t thank Sam enough for creating such value in the field of financial education. His visionary work is changing children’s futures and lives, ‘one dime at a time.’ His tireless efforts to support other educators is immensely admirable. The world needs more people like Sam X Renick!

My big dream is for Sammy Rabbit to one day become the next Dora or Elmo. He undoubtedly has the potential. Kids, parents, and educators already love him! When kids learn to work hard, set goals, save their money, and never give up, their opportunities are endless and the future of our economy is much better off. Financial education at a young age is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity, and Dream Big Day makes it’s easy for anyone to pilot test the program and join the cause.