a_190x190After attending this workshop, students will learn 3 key takeaways that will transform how they view and manage their money.

  • The basics of a budget — always being aware of their income and expenses
  • What a credit score is and how it affects their financial future
  • Managing their money will allow for more opportunities in life, and less stress

98% of students surveyed reported increased interest in learning more about money management, after completing this workshop.

92% of students surveyed after the workshop said they plan to ask their parents or guardians more questions about managing money.

99% of students better understand the purpose of a credit score and how it affects their financial future.

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From 7th and 8th grade students:

“All information is extremely valuable and will be remembered. I liked everything about it honestly.”
“Budgeting is making sure your money is spent in a controlled manner, so you can invest in your future.”
“You should have savings for unexpected situations.”
“You need to know your income and expenses to create a spending plan.”
“I’m going to ask my parents more about saving for college.”
“I’ll be very careful when using a credit card so I don’t go into debt and pay extra for interest.”
“Managing your money can allow you to open a business and have a successful life.”