Sammy Rabbit


Sammy Rabbit makes it easy to teach kids great money habits with Sammy songs, stories, and activities. They stick in kids heads and hearts!

Sammy’s Dream Big Financial Literacy curriculum is a suite of resources for kids 7+ that teaches them to build great money habits and life skills so they are better prepared and able to make their big dreams come true! Sammy is determined to make a big dream come true. He wants to ride the world’s first outer space rollercoaster. Can he earn and save enough money to do it?

The story “Sammy’s Big Dream!” is a catalyst for conversation and learning. It ignites kids’ imaginations, inspires them to dream big, and makes it easy to talk to and teach them about the great money habits and life skills that will position them for lifelong success.

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Deluxe Story Set – Interact with the story in 6 ways: Read, Color, Review, Illustrate, Write, Listen. 109+ activities

Instructor Guide – Includes Story program with 9 modules, lesson plans, and more

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