What makes someone rich?

I once heard a 5 year-old say “my mom would be rich if she didn’t give all our money to the bank.” It’s funny how innocent misconceptions about money happen to some Americans no matter how old they are. A friend of mine, in her late 20’s, told me her dad says “only rich people can save money”. That got me wondering…what makes someone rich? It is not having any debt? Being able to buy anything you want? What if you already have what you need…does that make you rich? There is no simple answer to this question. If a laborer in a developing world received a $1,000 bonus he would probably be elated. If a hedge fund manager received a $10,000 bonus he would probably be very disappointed. But if the labored had few worries and enjoyed his free time, perhaps he would be “richer” than a hedge fund manager who barely sees his family. It’s all about perspective. Being rich or having a lot of money is often the definition of success. But success to me is not having to worry about money, spending time with loved ones, giving back to the community, and being simply being appreciative of everything you do have.